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Our Purpose is to bring back the traditional beliefs of the original Klan establishment on Christmas Eve in 1865. Our beliefs should not be confused with other "Klan groups" which have inadvertently labeled every organization like ours with a tainted reputation. We are working diligently to change these wrongful stereotypes, and to make a positive impact on the south, and the organizations as a whole.

We are a secret service, and fraternal organization established to promote Christianity, white heritage, and unity amongst ourselves. We have developed a systematic congress of elected officers with by-laws and constitutions designed to establish an impartial government to better serve our organization. We do require that each individual meet certain criteria, and every single candidate will be given a background check and will go before the state board to advance to the next steps of citizenship. There are several different steps you must take before you are admitted into the group. These things will come to you as your application for membership progresses. If you are accepted as a citizen you will receive several different books which will give you a better idea of our traditions and rituals.

There will be a six month probationary period for all members. Once you pass your probationary period you will be given the opportunity to advance in rank and position. Most positions are either voted in by unanimous decision or appointed by the officer presiding over that realm. We hold meetings once a month at an undisclosed location. Sometimes special meetings are called to order for the purpose of holding an emergency vote that cannot wait until the following month. Meetings times and locations are sometimes withheld until a few days prior to the meeting to maintain secrecy.

Each and every one of our members identities are an absolute secret. We will never divulge anyone's name and information no matter what. We do not keep records of membership, and all records and log books are coded so that they may not be read by anyone. We do not participate in any illegal activities of any kind whatsoever, or condone the same. We are NOT a hate group, and will not tolerate public display of racism within our organization. Our problems are within our own race. We need to educate those who are not aware of the current issues and problems with our government.

Please remember that the foundation of our race is our children. They are the future, and it is OUR responsibility to provide them with righteous morals, and Christian values that are diminishing within our race.

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True Invisible Empire 04/30/11
Site Online 10/26/10
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Southern Heritage Rally Highlights
Awesome meeting this weekend, We would like to thank all who attended!
The Dixie Knights rally.
It was a great meeting this past weekend. Thanks to all who attended. For those who could not make it, We hope to see you at the next meeting.
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