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Who We Are: The Dixie Rangers, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are a law abiding White Christian Organization. Founded by Imperial Wizard Carl Dupre at our national headquarters in Walker, Louisiana. We do not promote, condone, and highly oppose criminal activities of any form.

We Are Not A Hate Group: We are all like minded members that believe the U.S. Constitution to be more than just words. All people who live in America by legal means have the right to live by their race and religion without fear. However, we do not live in guilt for what others of the White Race have done in the past. That would be as if we were to judge an entire race as evil, by the actions of a few. The White Race in history has also suffered by the hands of others. No one race can lay claim to who suffered the most.

We Believe: We keep in our heart with great love our faith, family, race, nation,and culture. Unity among our members makes us strong, as it does with any group. The connections within the Dixie Rangers helps us to prosper. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are on the front lines. We are the ones taking the heat while standing up for White people. But that's ok. We understand that most White people have not yet fully developed to the point of White Pride. This is a result of a lifetime of guilt, pushed on you by others to hold you back on your path in life. Everyone of our members have felt what you are feeling now. You dont have to be ashamed of who you are. No one expects you to jump in front of a bus. Take it slow, baby steps. You may call us or even e-mail us, just stay in your comfort zone. You've taken your first step.

In loving memory of our lost brother
Carl Weems
Imperial Kladd
June 2, 2010
Some of the issues we are addressing:
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Race Mixing
  • Re-implementing School Prayer
  • Abuse of Welfare (all races)
  • Private School for White Children
  • Charity Drives and Fundraising for the
    homeless and children (all races)
  • Forced racism in public schools (Black History Month, etc.)
  • Establishing a three-tier public school system
  • Establishing White, or European History Month in public schools.
  • Changing the public's opinion of the Klan

If these are some of the things you believe in, whether you may think they are farfetched or not, you may be the person we are looking for. We need members with leadership qualities that can better our organization so that we can actually make a difference in our children's lives.
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